Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates for commercial or residential customers are particuarly popular with sites where there is restricted driveway space for swing gates to open into, and also where the driveway is on a upward slope, meaning swing gates would be unable to open into the property without first hitting the ground. Sliding Gates also generally offer a higher level of security to swing gates as they cannot be 'rammed' open. With a sliding gate, no unnecessary space is taken up and cars can park right up to the gate, even when closed.

We can manufacture matching pedestrian gates for all of our designs, meaning pedestrians can enter/exit your property safely without the need to operate the full system each time. Our cantilever gates have earnt Frontline Automation an excellent reputation within the commercial and residential market. The cantilever gate is our specialty and is essentially a bespoke product which we have based around established design features. Although the product itself is essentially a pre-designed item, the finished product is designed and then manufactured with the clients individual needs in mind.

Sliding gates have become increasingly popular over the years as they offer a much higher level of security to swing gates – Especially against unauthorised access by intruders ‘ramming’ the gate system.

Cantilever gates are often more popular than the tracked sliding gates, for a variety of reasons. Cantilever gates have no groundtrack, which leaves the roadway free from rails and usually saves cost on groundworks. The lack of the groundtrack/wheels combination also means issues are not experienced when installed in a loose roadway surface where gravel or stones may fall into the ground track, causing an obstruction for the wheels. They are also ideal when the road surface is uneven, where a tracked gate would not operate efficiently/correctly.

There are a wide range of standard designs for the Cantilever gate which would compliment both modern and traditional styles, and to various security levels. All of our Cantilever Gates can be custom designed to match your requirements.

We also offer 24 HOUR BREAKDOWN SERVICE available in response times of 4, 12 and 24 hours.