Safety accreditations are not simply handed out to anyone, and the work involved in achieving - and maintaining - some of them can be a painstakingly long process.

However, for Frontline Automation, these renewal dates are something they really look forward to. Frontline Automation have never been shy about coming forward and promoting the importance of safe working practices, and ensuring the safety and well-being of both their own staff and anybody else in their vicinity. For them, these renewal dates are just another way to prove to their customers that they are comitted to the highest level at ensuring they adhere to all of the necessary 'rules' these accreditations enforce.

Most renewal dates come hand-in-hand, and this time of year is a busy - but exciting - time for Frontline Automation whilst they refresh all of their certificates.

ContractorPlus provides clients with a robust contractor health and safety pre-qualification system. It's a simple, cost-effective web-based system for potential new clients to check out the contractors before making a decision. ContractorPlus check an abundance of things before granting accredited status, including risk assessments, method statements, policies and insurance levels.

There are numerous benefits to being ContractorPlus accredited, for the client it gives them some security that the contractor they are using has an understanding of safety.

For Frontline Automation, the contractor, the benefits are unmeasurable, but some of the most important ones include:
- Pre-approved to work for the client, thus reducing the time needed to complete additional forms and checks
- Demonstration of their commitment to health and safety and client access to many new potential clients and businesses.
- Regular health and safety updates through newsletters provided by ContractorPlus
- 24-hour H&S Telephone Support - So if there was ever a problem, they know they have the assistance they might need.

Many contractors feel the support detailed above is enough, and perhaps it is. For Frontline Automation however, they believe the more accreditations they have, the better support network they have, and more to the point - The safer they can be.