Gate Safety Week

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At Frontline Automation, we appreciate the importance of safety when considering and installing automated gates. All of our engineers are fully trained in current safety legislation, and we are members of the Door & Hardware Federation & Machinery directive, meaning we have constant support and access to material to ensure our customers remain safe.

Legislations were brought into force following the tragic deaths/injuries caused to children who were caught in unsafe gates –There are some details throughout our website. We have developed our own guide to the gate safety legislation and machinery directive, and a copy can be obtained by calling 01444 248292. The HSE website also offers an interesting FAQ section as well as further information on the tragedies leading to the legislations:

We, as a responsible company, will not work on gates which we deem to be unsafe, unless recommended upgrades are carried out. The arena of gate safety is an ever changing environment, and as new risks are identified and previously unrealised problems are revealed, we as an industry have a duty of care to pass on any new information to consumers. We are constantly reacting to new information based on our professional development & training.