Sliding Gates

Automated Sliding Gates

Electric Sliding Gates are particularly popular with customers where there is restricted driveway space for swing gates to open into, and also where the driveway is on a upward slope, meaning swing gates would be unable to open into the property without first hitting the ground. Sliding Gates also generally offer a higher level of security to swing gates as they cannot be 'rammed' open. With a sliding gate no unnecessary space is taken up and cars can park right up to the gate, even when closed.

We can manufacture matching pedestrian gates for all of our designs, meaning pedestrians can enter/exit your property safely without the need to operate the full system each time.

Cantilever Sliding Gate (Trackless)

Cantilever Sliding Gate (Trackless)Our Cantilever gates have always been popular with our commercial clients where we have built a strong reputation for the design, manufacture and longevity of our electric sliding gates. In recent years, they have also become increasingly popular within the residential market.

Our Cantilever gates are essentially a bespoke design product, based on our established design features coupled with our customers specific design requirements. Therefore, although we have fine-tuned the manufacturing requirements and the frame build, we can work with you to make sure that the gate incorporates practically any design you would like - Such as the gate pictured here which has the property name through the middle of the upright bars.

Installation of a Cantilever Gate is relatively quick and simple, with no ground track needed across the roadway, meaning it is also ideal where the road surface is uneven. The gate is bolted onto pre-prepared concrete foundations, and is completely self supporting and will not topple. Frontline Automation will manage the entire project from start to finish, including the design, manufacture, groundworks, installation and commissioning/handover.

There are a huge range of design and infill options (metal or wooden) available, and we continually work on developing new designs, materials and features to ensure the perfect solution in any situation.  

We understand that gate safety is just as important as security, and reassurance is provided with the aid of the latest safety devices (electronic safety photo beams, category 3 electronic safety edges, operator encoders, roadway loops, laser scanners etc.), as these ensure no harm or damage is caused to pedestrians and/or vehicles. In addition to this, the gate drive system has a manual release feature which means the gate can be pushed freely open or closed in the event of power failure.

Tracked Sliding Gate

Wooden Tracked Sliding Gates

In addition to our Cantilever gates detailed above, we also design and install tracked sliding gates. Unlike their cantilever counterpart, these gates do require a ground track to be installed across the entrance and run back area. This would have a Y shaped base which would be set into a concrete foundation within the road surface. The gate leaf itself will be fitted with wheels that slide within the ground track.

As with the cantilever gates, the tracked sliding gate can be individually designed to suit individual requirements, and the gate leaf itself is usually cheaper than the cantilever - However, due to the ground track requirement, they do require approximately 30% more concrete and 25% longer on site to complete the installation, thus rendering them not as cost effective as they may seem in the first instance. We would recommend looking into both options before making your final decision.

We would also advise against a tracked sliding gate in situations where there is a loose roadway finish, such as a gravel driveway, as gravel/debris can fall into the ground track and stop the gate from moving correctly. 

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