Access Control

Once you have decided to limit or control the access to your property, it's essential that you consider the many options available to allow authorised users easy access, all the while not missing any visitors.

Frontline Fire & Security will discuss with you your exact requirements, and produce a detailed comprehensive specification that accomodates all of your requirements and addresses any specific security issues there may be. Specialist DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) equipment can also be incorporated into the system design.

Most popular with our residential customers are intercoms at the front entrance gates, linked in with the automated system and any electric locks. Audio, Video and GSM are just a few of the options.

For our commercial clent, installing full access control systems into your business environment is a way of protecting not only your property, but also your personnel on site. Access Control is a broad term and lends itself to a variety of different technologies, such as Video/Coded/Key entry, Card/Pin Access Control and even biometrics technology.

Access Control isn't just suited to the main perimeter of the gates, and Frontline Automation can manage and monitor access to specific areas of a building or site. Systems are extremely flexible, and can be intregrated to ensure complete control over any site, however large or small.

We have detailed below some options available, although the list is by no means exhaustive, and as with all of our services, we offer a free site survey and no obligation quotation service. 

Stand Alone Card/PIN Entry

Stand Alone Card/PIN Entry
A popular option with single stand-alone doors is a simple digital code entry or card access security system. Specific Electric locking systems can be added, and these are often an extremely cost-effective solution to securing your property. Digital Keypad Entry is also popular on main entrance gates, and many of them can be easily managed by site so that you won't need to call us out should you need to change the code(s).



Networked/PC Control Systems

For larger and more complex systems, we can design and tailor a full networked system to completely control and manage your exact security requirements.

Networked/PC Control SystemsThese systems are controlled from a central PC, and all administration of the system is managed from there - Dependiing on the system this can include adding/removing users/access cards, turning off specific areas etc. The majority of these systems also give you the option of running reports which can be formatted to the customers requirements.
When Frontline Fire & Security install your system, we can run through the basic administration with you and leave all manuals on site for your convenience.

And should you need us, we're always just a phone call away.

Telephone and Video Entry Systems
Readers of different varieties are usually used with these systems.

These can be card or key readers, or even finger print scanners. A mix of these can be used to facilitate easy access without scaling back the security or any specific needs such as DDA compliant door access.

Telephone and Video Entry Systems

Especially popular on main entrance gates/doors, these can be used for a single or multi door/gate system. Available as an audio only system, or with integrated video for an added layer of security, there are an extensive range of these systems available to you. From large, industrial systems to architecturaly designed residential systems, they can all be integrated with other Access Control systems such as keypad entry.

Systems can incoporate just 1 call button or a number of call buttons, particuarly useful for premises such as office blocks so that each company can have their own call button and handset, negating the need for a mutual reception.

Of particular and increasing popularity on main gate entrances are GSM systems. These are particuarly useful where the gate (or door) is a long way from the main handset placement, as no cabling is required between the two, but you don't need a clear line of site as with a wireless system. GSM systems have a SIM card within the unit and can be set to call a landline or mobile number, and if one number is not anwered, it can go on to try and alternative 3 numbers. Another benefit to GSM systems is you can answer your gate/door even when you are nowhere near the property yourself. We would always recommend carrying out a signal test in the area before committing to a GSM system or network provider for the sim. We can advise you further if this is required.
Please contact us to arrange your free site survey & no-obligation quotation.