Maintenance Contracts

Electric Gates are becoming increasingly popular within the residential and commercial market, but many people do not realise they are installing a piece of equipment classed as a machine, which without proper installation and regular maintenance, could ca use serious harm to those using it.

At Frontline Automation, we offer maintenance contracts on all types of automated gate and security systems, regardless of whether they have been installed by us. We service and maintain Automated Gates, Vehicle Barriers, Bollards, Blockers, Bi-Folding/Speed Gates, Roller Shutters, Turnstiles and even CCTV systems.

As with all of our products, our maintenance contracts are essentially a bespoke product which will be adapted to suit the exact requirements of the customer/site. As standard, a maintenance agreement on a residential gate will include one annual maintenance visit, an annual safety assessment / impact test (carried out at time of service), reduced labour costs and  standard  response. 

Commercial  contracts  will  have  a  minimum of  at  least  2 maintenance visits, and will also benefit from an annual safety assessment/impa ct test and reduced labour costs. As a holder of one our maintenance contracts, you are automatically entitled to make use of our 24/7 call out service, which operates 365 days per year.

We offer specified response times of 24,12 or 4 hours, meaning that in the event of emergency, we could guarantee being on site within as little as 4 hours from the fault being reported.Regular maintenance is an essential part of keeping your gates working efficiently and to protect the longevity of the system.

We know of systems which are well over 10 years old which have required very little work or repairs, but only because they have been regularly and meticulously maintained. At the other end of the scale, we know of systems which are already suffering after only a couple of years, partly because they haven’t been serviced since installation. More important than the efficiency of the system however, is the safety.

Machinery directives state that all automated systems must be serviced annually or to the manufacturer’s instructions. There are obligations both for us as manufacturers/installers/maintainers, but also for the person responsible for the gate, such as the property owner or property management company.

As members of the DHF Powered Gate Group and as Gate Safe Aware Installers, we will not work on any gates deemed to be unsafe. Further information can be found on our Gate Safety* page. When you take out one of our maintenance contracts, we will conduct a risk assessment on our first visit to ensure that your system is safe and compliant with safety regulations.

Changes that have been made within the safety standards apply not only to new systems but also existing systems which may have been in place for a number of years. We can also arrange to complete a one-off maintenance visit, and prices are available on request.