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Commercial Access Control

Access Control for your Business

Frontline Automation presents a range of access control solutions tailored for commercial premises, with intercoms standing out as the preferred option. Deploying an intercom system at your business’s perimeter ensures that visitors can announce themselves without direct physical interaction at the entrance, maintaining security and professionalism.

Our intercoms boast a diverse selection of designs and capabilities, from audio-only setups to advanced video entry systems. With the latter, you can visually confirm the identity of visitors before granting them access, enhancing safety and control over entry permissions.

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GSM Intercoms – Audio

GSM intercoms are popular for eliminating the need for gate-to-property cabling and a wired handset indoors. Acting as a mobile phone, the GSM panel uses a SIM card to call when the button is pressed. It can call landline or mobile phones, and multiple numbers if unanswered. This enables remote access management, allowing you to control the gate from anywhere. A strong signal is necessary at the front panel, so testing signal strength before selecting a network provider is advised. Activation and credit are needed for the SIM card to function, incurring minimal ongoing costs.

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Wireless Intercom – Audio

Wireless Intercom systems, like GSM Intercoms, eliminate the need for cabling between the property and gate. They operate via wireless receivers, with the option for wireless internal handsets for mobility. Only the docking base station requires power. While they offer convenience and cost savings, they have limited range and require a clear line of sight. A site survey is necessary to assess suitability.

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Hard Wired Intercom – Audio or Video

Wired intercom systems will require cables installed from the front panel all the way to the handset located within the property. This can be to a standalone handset, or to multiple handsets throughout the property.

Depending on the distance between the property and the gate/panel location, they can prove less cost effective due to the cables being installed, but on the upside they can offer a more reliable solution. There are also limitations on how far cables can be run for them to operate correctly, and a site survey would always be recommended.

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Radio Receivers & Transmitters

Commonly referred to as remotes/zappers/blippers, transmitters are the most common and preferred form of access control and come as standard with all of our systems. When approaching the gate, you simply press the button on your transmitter and the gates will open; They can be programmed to time out and close automatically behind you, or you can choose to press the transmitter again to give the gate the close command.

One of the main benefits of transmitters is that if you are inside a car, you would not need to leave the vehicle to operate the gate, which is of particular significance late at night or in adverse weather conditions

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Keypads & Push Buttons

Digital keypads, often included with intercom systems, enable authorised individuals to enter or exit the property using a code. Users can easily alter codes, and some allow remote adjustments. Key pads can be synchronised with time clocks to restrict access during specific hours, a common practice in commercial settings where access may be limited at night. Advanced keypads allow for programming individual codes for specific times, useful for controlling access for different visitors such as cleaners or gardeners.

Push buttons are an easy and cost effective way of allowing people to exit the property. Similar to keypads, they can be combined with timeclocks for added security. The button can be programmed to fully open gates or allow pedestrian access, opening a single leaf for swing gates or partially opening sliding gates.

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Roadway Vehicle Detection Loops

Roadway loops are a highly popular choice for access control, serving entry, exit, or safety functions. Acting as metal detectors, vehicle loops trigger gate openings as vehicles pass over them, and safety loops prevent gate closure while vehicles are present. Loop sensitivity can be adjusted to detect motorcycles or bicycles if needed. Installation involves embedding loop cable into the roadway surface, sealed with hot bitumen or resin. Pre-made loops in conduit are available for installation before laying new roadway surfaces.

We offer quotes for various access control options and stay updated with the latest technology advancements.

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