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Commercial Swing Gates

Automated Commercial Swing Gates

Frontline Automation offers heavy-duty swing gates as an alternative to our popular cantilever gate, ensuring high security for commercial premises of all types.

These swing gates, available in manual or fully automated designs, are custom-built in-house to match site aesthetics, offering traditional or contemporary styles. Equipped with various security features like Anti-Climb infill wire mesh, rotating anti-climb, saw tooth, and barbed wire, they deter unauthorised access.

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Some of our clients:

Standard Bar Infill

For a swing gates with standard bar infill, the gate frame itself will be constructed from a fully welded rectangular hollow section frame and is completed by fully welding 50x25mm ERW rectangular section which is mounted vertically at a 15/170mm pitch. The design can be adapted to accept additional security measures, such as saw tooth top which is particularly popular.

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Palisade Infill

Particularly popular with high security sites due to its industrial and anti-climb appearance, our swing gates with palisade infill will have the same frame as our standard bar infill but be infilled wit Triple point palisade pales, all secured with M8 ultra bolts and tamper-proof snap cone nuts. The bolt heads will always lie flat against the rail to maximise security and prevent vandalism.

For added security, a 358 ‘prison mesh’ backing can be installed to the rear of the pales, stopping potential visitors from putting their hands through the gaps or attempting to use the pales as climbing aids.

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Mesh Infill

There are many different options when it comes to mesh infill, either as a standalone infill or installed as an additional measure alongside our standard bar or palisade infill. For the security conscious commercial client, our most recommended and requested mesh is a steel 358 ‘Prison Mesh’.

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To prevent corrosion of the gate frame, it is standard procedure for the following process to be followed:

Steelwork will be grit blasted to SA2.5, hot zinc metal sprayed to 50 micron, pre-heat and etched before being polyester powdercoated to a 50 micron minimum. Standard RAL colours are easily available, but any colour can be sourced as required. We would recommend a 30% gloss finish as standard, although full gloss/matt are also available.

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If you have a project in mind, get in touch with our expert team to find out how can assist.

Whether you are looking for an automatic gate for your home or need a safety upgrade to your commercial system, please get in touch with our team.
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