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Manual Equipment

Create A Secure Commercial Site

In addition to our Automated Gates, Barriers and Bollards, we can offer a large variety of manual products to further assist in creating a secure site; These can be used in conjunction with automated equipment for the ultimate deterrent. We have detailed below a number of manual products we can assist with, and can also offer a variety of speed humps, flow plates, manual turnstiles and pedestrian gates.

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Some of our clients:

Height Restrictors

Frontline Automation bespoke made height restrictors are available as a stand-alone item, or to be installed with our manual swing gate/road closer (see below). Constructed from high quality rectangular box section, height restrictors are the perfect way to prevent access to high vehicles. The restrictor can be locked in the open or closed position via an additional latch post and padlock, which allows access to higher vehicles when necessary.

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Manual Road Closers / Swing Gates

As detailed above, these can be installed on their own, or in conjunction with a height restrictor. It is an ideal and relatively low cost solution to a number of access issues and is particularly useful where automated gates are not required/necessary and where security needs against individuals are lower. We can manufacture and supply these as a standard or a heavy duty version, and as either a single or a double leaf.

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Manual Barriers

The FA5000 Manual Barrier range come in 2 options, either standard or heavy duty, with or without lower skirt section. Both options can be supplied and installed by Frontline Automation, or dispatched as a supply only option directly to site for installation by others. Both have a locking system incorporated, allowing the barrier to be locked into place.

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Manual Bollards

There are a variety of manual bollards available; From standard bolt down permanent options, to ones which can be lowered into the ground or folded back, and also the BFT Dampy range which is a semi-automatic bollard with a gas spring. These come in 2 separate height options, come complete with the foundation boxes required and have an impact resistance of 5000J.

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If you have a project in mind, get in touch with our expert team to find out how can assist.

Whether you are looking for an automatic gate for your home or need a safety upgrade to your commercial system, please get in touch with our team.
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