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Maintenance Contracts

Automated Gates & Security System Maintenance Contracts

Automated gates are classed as a machine under the machinery directive, and as with any machine, without regular maintenance they can breakdown/fail and potentially cause serious harm to those using it.

At Frontline Automation we offer maintenance contracts on all types of automated gates and security systems, regardless of whether they were installed by us originally. We service and maintain Automated Gates, Vehicle Barriers, Bollards, Blockers, Bi-Folding/Speed Gates, Roller Shutters, Turnstiles and even CCTV Systems.

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Why choose a maintenance contract?

  • Enhanced Safety: Regular gate maintenance ensures compliance with safety legislation, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Extended Lifespan: Proper maintenance increases the longevity of automated gates, saving costs on premature replacements.
  • Cost Savings: Maintenance contracts offer reduced rates for callouts and future works, providing cost-effective solutions.
  • Quick Response: With specified response times, including emergency services, you’re assured of prompt assistance in critical situations.
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What does a maintenance contract include?

As standard, a residential maintenance agreement would include one annual maintenance visit which includes an impact safety test to prove compliance with gate safety legislation. Commercial contracts will have a minimum of 2 maintenance visits, and will also benefit from one annual impact safety tests.

As a maintenance contract holder, any callouts are charged at a reduced rates, as are any future works. We offer specified response times of 24,12 or 4 hours, meaning that in the event of an emergency, we could guarantee being on site within as little as 4 hours from the fault being reported. If you choose to have a response time as part of your contract, you become entitled to make use of our 24/7 callout service which operates 365 days a year, regardless of time of day or night.

Automated gates can vary in lifespan depending on level of use; We know of systems in excess of 10 years old which have had very little to no work or repairs, but only because they have been regularly and meticulously maintained. At the other end of the scale, there are systems which suffer after only a couple of years, partly because they are not serviced or maintained following installation.

If you have a project in mind, get in touch with our expert team to find out how can assist.

Whether you are looking for an automatic gate for your home or need a safety upgrade to your commercial system, please get in touch with our team.
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