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Commercial Bollards

Automated Bollards

Automated bollards, whether standalone or paired with gates/barriers, offer excellent security for commercial sites. We manufacture and/or supply and install a wide range of hydraulic and electromechanical bollards, including our revolutionary heavy duty sliding bollard which requires less of an excavation.

Our automated bollards can integrate seamlessly with the same access control systems used for automated gates. While mainly beneficial for commercial premises, we also offer lighter weight, smaller bollards for residential customers.

The bollards listed below are just a sample of our options. Contact us for tailored quotations based on your site requirements.

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Some of our clients:

Stoppy Range

Stoppy is a range of electromechanical retractable bollards, ideal for areas of architectural interest, ensuring long-term security with minimal maintenance. Available in painted RAL 7015 or stainless steel finish, they come in various options.

  • STOPPY B – Suitable for residential or less security-conscious sites, stands 500mm high with a diameter of 115mm.
  • STOPPY MBB – A more commercial option, with a diameter of 220mm and available in heights of 500mm or 700mm.

The Stoppy MBB is our most requested rising bollard, with a total impact resistance of 10500j and options for crown lights and sounder/buzzer. It can be supplied as an integral unit or with a separate outer casing for pre-installation groundwork.

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Pillar Range

The Pillar range features 230C Hydraulic automated rising bollards, the heaviest-duty option available. Options include the crash-rated 10mm skin version. Like the Stoppy, Pillar bollards are available in painted RAL 7015 or Stainless Steel, with crown lights and buzzer options. The Pillar Bollard is popular for high-security sites, as it raises even in power failure.

Standing at a massive 600mm or 800mm wide and with a diameter of 275mm, the Pillar is both impressive and functional

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The Sidewinder

The Sidewinder is our innovative sliding bollard, designed and manufactured in-house for seamless integration into any environment. It offers fully self-supporting installation, flush or surface mounted, ensuring safe pedestrian access with visible moving parts and a flat anti-slip top surface to minimize trip hazards. This heavy-duty bollard is exceptionally safe, reducing the risk of damage or injury, ideal for locations requiring constant pedestrian access.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the Babywinder, a smaller version tailored for residential or lesser installations.

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Sidewinder 10045 Specification


  • Support Frame – Shot blasted & sprayed with hot pure zinc, sprayed primer and polyester powder coated
  • Top surface – Shot blasted and hot zinc sprayed. Finished with Anti-slip coating
  • Bollard – Galvanised (option) with Stainless steel cove


The sidewinder 10045 Bollard is driven by a specially designed carriage mechanism with a PLC controlled heavy duty variable speed hydraulic power unit, complete with a manual override valve.

The Sidewinder was initially developed for a specific project. One of our high-profile clients needed to increase the security of their underground carpark by installing some form of automated heavy duty security equipment to the entry/exit points behind the automated vehicle barriers. The installation location did not allow for many options such as gates for example, and it seemed a bollard would be the appropriate solution. However, due to rooms below the installation point, we were unable to excavate deep enough to install a standard rising bollard and had to draw on our knowledge and experience to develop something which would offer the same amount of security without the need for such deep excavations. After several site meetings, the Sidewinder was born. The sidewinder requires the installation of a metal framework into the ground rather than the entire bollard housing depth, meaning the rooms underneath were not a problem, and in other locations would enable us to install a bollard with less concern surrounding underground services. We were able to work closely with the client to develop the product into something which would cover every aspect of their requirements, from the appearance and operation, integration into other equipment and signalling and ultimately their security levels and installation timeframes.

If you have a project in mind, get in touch with our expert team to find out how can assist.

Whether you are looking for an automatic gate for your home or need a safety upgrade to your commercial system, please get in touch with our team.
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