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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters for your Business or your Home

There are many varieties roller shutters available depending on the level of security required and site conditions. Working closely with other professionals in the roller shutter market, we are able to offer our customers the following types of shutter:

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Some of our clients:


Domestic roller shutters are designed for inside and outside use for added security, and in some cases to improve heating performance by reducing the escape of warm air and the ingress of cold. Most customers opt for a powdercoated finish for aesthetic advantages, and they are generally quieter due to their smaller sizes.


Commercial roller shutters are mainly for shop owners, offering both presentation and high security. Clients often choose normal steel galvanised shutters for quick turnaround and budget-friendly options. However, customisation is available, including powder coating in any desired colour and various lath options like insulated or perforated.


Industrial shutters, found in large warehouses, span wider heights and widths. Like commercial shutters, they are usually galvanised or powdercoated. These shutters feature high-use rated motors and are designed to withstand attempted theft or vandalism.

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